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Posts Tagged: UN Convention Against Corruption

Five ways politicians sabotage anti-corruption agencies

The UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), ratified in 2005, endorsed the post-colonial idea of independent anti-corruption agencies as a best practice to fight graft at the country level. Today, around 60 countries have at least one independent anti-corruption agency.… Continue Reading

Here’s how to prosecute foreign bribe takers

While it is impossible to know who initiates most bribe situations, the giver or the receiver, one thing is clear: no bribe can take place without both. It is for this reason that international conventions such as the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and the UN Convention Against Corruption encourage state parties to address both sides of bribery in their national legislation. … Continue Reading

Pieth and Fenner: Will the UN Security Council (finally) take up the fight against corruption?

Thankfully, the economist-led debates in the 1990s about whether corruption is the necessary grease in the wheels of business are long behind. But we would argue that many people, including those most affected by it and possibly even those that are in the anti-corruption business, still don’t fully grasp what corruption does to our world.… Continue Reading

Collective Action: A new approach to combat corruption (Part Five)

As we saw last week, there’s a perception that voluntary anti-corruption declarations are too weak to have any significant impact on preventing corruption. While it’s true that declarations have more of the “collective” than the “action,” they are still an important step in the fight against corruption, especially when combined with the awareness-raising activities which usually accompany them. … Continue Reading

The International Anti-Corruption Academy, Part I

Thomas Friedman taught us that the world is flat — that globalization has created a playing field more level than at any time in history. And however true that may be of international commerce, it is not true of anti-corruption enforcement .… Continue Reading

Holder to the World: ‘Corruption can be overcome’

Here’s an excerpt from Attorney General Eric Holder’s remarks Monday at the Arab Forum on Asset Recovery in Morocco.

                       *     *     *

In recent years, we’ve joined hands to draft and bring into force the United Nations Convention Against Corruption – the first global anti-corruption treaty.… Continue Reading