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Posts Tagged: risk assessment

Is this the best time ever for introverted compliance officers?

One of the byproducts of our locked-down, socially distanced, mask-wearing, remote-working world is that introverts are feeling more comfortable. They don’t need to pretend to be part of the gregarious, fist-bumping, loud-talking in-crowd of corporate extroverts, and that’s a big relief.… Continue Reading

Five ways to make the most of risk assessment

When the first set of general corporate compliance program standards – the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations – was issued in 1991, there was no mention of risk assessment. More recent standards, however – including the “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs” issued by the U.S.Continue Reading

Robert Clark: Building a better bribery-risk index

With a rise in global trade and a focus on international development, the past two decades have seen increased attention to the worldwide problem of corruption. With that attention have come efforts to measure the degree of corruption from one country to another.… Continue Reading

Matt Kelly: What will risk assessment look like in the Big Data world?

Last week I came across a gem of a post over on ACL’s in-house blog, about the future of internal audit. One of the senior executives there, Dan Zitting, was talking about the premium that recruiters now place on audit executives who understand data analytics — to the extreme that one recruiter told Zitting, “Frankly no one in management truly needs the services of the traditional auditor any more; what they need is the promise of Big Data to materialize.”… Continue Reading

New markets: Where to start your risk assessment

We wrote an e-book as a guide to navigating corruption challenges in emerging markets.

As practitioners and compliance officers know, there is no one-size-fits-all compliance program that a company can simply adopt or pull off the shelf. … Continue Reading

Parental controls: Anti-corruption compliance programs for joint ventures, subsidiaries and franchisees (Part 4)

In this fourth of eight installments, we look at risk assessments and mitigation measures for joint venture (JV) interests. You can find Parts One, Two, and Three here.

Risk assessments are an important tool for JVs to understand their compliance risks better and for parent companies to monitor those risks and mitigation measures.… Continue Reading