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Posts Tagged: Red Tape

I-Fighting Corruption

Does the Internet have a role to play in the battle against graft? It’s still early, but the signs are promising.

For public corruption to flourish, a couple of ingredients are necessary — red tape and opaque decision-making.… Continue Reading

Right Issue, Wrong Side?

When graft-busting becomes a political weapon, the rule of law grows weaker and corruption generally flourishes. Is that what’s happening in Venezuela? Maybe. For sure the number of high-profile opposition leaders accused of bribery and corruption is growing.… Continue Reading

The Friday Report

Former Congressman William J. Jefferson says the cash found in his freezer four years ago proves he didn’t violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Yesterday Jefferson filed a petition for certiorari to the Supreme Court, asking for review of the Fourth Circuit’s refusal to dismiss most of the corruption-related charges against him.… Continue Reading

Moscow Debates Reforms, Sort Of

The biggest public corruption story on the planet may be Russia — the entire country, where red tape and bribery are scaring away foreign investors and wearing down ordinary citizens. Reform can’t come soon enough, so we’re glad that President Dmitry Medvedev is at least talking about the problem.… Continue Reading

Sweating The Small Stuff

Public corruption isn’t a victimless crime, and whatever helps dispel the false notion that it is, is welcome in this space. Which brings us to . . . the United Nations.… Continue Reading

The Russia (Ware) House

It requires 54 procedures, takes 704 days, and costs 3,788% of annual per capita income to obtain the licenses and permits needed to build a warehouse in Moscow. So says the World Bank’s Doing Business 2008.… Continue Reading

Malang, East Java Runs Amok

In a tie with Gambia, Togo and Russia, Indonesia ranks 143rd out of 179 on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. That lowly score warns us to expect some world-class silliness when it comes to red tape, which always walks hand-in-hand with corruption.… Continue Reading

Counting Corruption

A friend from Nigeria, which appears on these pages for the wrong reasons all too often, visited us this week. He gives a face and a voice to the human cost of his country’s terrible twins, red tape and corruption.… Continue Reading

Red Tape Round-Up

With the 17th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in full swing in Beijing, we thought it would be a good time to see what leaders there are doing about corruption.… Continue Reading