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Posts Tagged: Red Tape

Jokowi has a plan

Economist Vito Tanzi once said that when rules can be used to extract bribes, more rules will be created. And when more rules appear, more bribes will be needed to bargain down the red tape, and so on.… Continue Reading

Survey Highlights Vietnam Risks

Nearly half of Vietnam’s companies said they have had to bribe officials in order to do business, according to a survey released last month by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.… Continue Reading

There Are No ‘Good Bribes’

There’s a wonderful article in the May 14 edition of the New Yorker by James Surowiecki about foreign bribery, the FCPA, and so-called ‘good bribes.’

Our contributing editor Andy Spalding said,

‘This is my favorite kind of bribery law commentary: not simplistic or polarizing, very nuanced and smart, but with a clear position to advocate.’… Continue Reading

Making War On Red Tape

India, China, and Russia rank among the world’s worst countries for red tape. The World Bank’s Doing Business Index, under the category of dealing with construction permits, is a rough measure of bureaucratic hassle in an economy.… Continue Reading

The Real Price Of Petty Graft

Corruption may have been a cause of the night club fire last week in the Russian city of Perm that killed 113 people. Alexander Fridman, an entertainment producer there, told the Christian Science Monitor, “Fire inspectors found violations of the regulations a year ago, yet they didn’t come back to check whether corrections were made.… Continue Reading

The Greens, BAE And More

A seven-man, five-woman federal jury in LA on Friday began deliberating the fate of the husband-and-wife movie producers accused of bribing a Thai official. Gerald Green, 77, and his wife Patricia, 52, were tried for conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and violating the FCPA.… Continue Reading

Top Eyes On Russian Graft

When they met in July, Presidents Obama and Medvedev not only dressed alike, they created a Bilateral Presidential Commission. They’ll chair it and Secretary of State Clinton and Foreign Minister Lavrov will act as coordinators.… Continue Reading

Over There

Our subject is usually corruption overseas. But it’s impossible to ignore the news these days from New Jersey. Arrested earlier this month — 44 people, including three mayors and two state legislators.… Continue Reading

Spending Siemens’ Money

Last week the World Bank announced that Siemens will pay $100 million over the next 15 years to settle corruption charges involving a project in Russia. The money is supposed to go to anti-corruption groups, for compliance training and education programs, as well as helping governments recover assets stolen by crooked leaders.… Continue Reading

Russian Headwinds Hit Investors

Russia — the world’s largest country by land mass, with 11 time zones and 142,000,000 people, one of five permanent members on the UN Security Council, member of the Group of Eight (G8) industrialized nations, and possessor of the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons on the planet — yes, that Russia, ranks 120th on the World Bank’s Doing Business Index (here).… Continue Reading