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Posts Tagged: Profiles

‘Unlocking Democracy And Development’

Julie Fisher Melton’s upcoming book Importing Democracy (Kettering Foundation) studies how so-called “democratization NGOs” work to change political culture in South Africa, Argentina, and Tajikistan.

The NGOs profiled in the book nurture democratic values by engaging in projects such as setting up local radio stations and talking to police about human rights.… Continue Reading

Giving Back To The Victims

In March the Nigerian human rights group SERAP (Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project) sent a letter to the SEC outlining one of the most altruistic FCPA amendments yet proposed. The letter urged the U.S.Continue Reading

A Conversation With Mark Pieth

Mark Pieth, left, is the chairman of the OECD Working Group on Bribery, which monitors how countries are criminalizing foreign bribery in accordance with the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention. He’s also a professor of criminal law and criminology at the University of Basel, Switzerland.… Continue Reading

Busting Graft For Profit

Michael Hershman, left, president of The Fairfax Group, helps public and private sector clients integrate core principles of social responsibility into their everyday practices.

In a 2010 talk to law students at Pepperdine University, Hershman described an instructive experience he had at Siemens AG in the late nineties:

They asked me to come in and talk about how they could do business going forward…I met with 20 of their top executives, and I gave what I thought was a rousing lecture for two hours…At the end, I asked for questions.

Continue Reading

Fighting For ‘Clean Capitalism’

Toby Heaps takes an entrepreneurial approach to fostering corporate responsibility.

In 2002, Heaps, left, co-founded the quarterly Canadian magazine Corporate Knights, whose stated mission is “to humanize the marketplace.” Among its best known features are the annual lists Corporate Knights Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World and Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada, which recognize companies that practice what Heaps calls “clean capitalism.”… Continue Reading

Mark Makepeace Makes A Difference

As founder and CEO of FTSE Group, Mark Makepeace created the FTSE4Good Index. It helps investors find companies that meet CSR (corporate social responsibility) criteria.

To earn an FTSE4Good Certificate of Membership, companies have to demonstrate a commitment to “environmental sustainability, developing positive relationships with stakeholders and upholding and supporting human rights.”… Continue Reading

Sharon Allen: At The Top Of Her Game

Sharon Allen, left, was Deloitte LLP’s first independent Chairperson of the Board from 2003 until her retirement in May 2011. She used her prominent role at one of the world’s largest accounting firms to promote business ethics both within Deloitte and in the wider corporate community.… Continue Reading