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Posts Tagged: Olympics

Andy Spalding: Brazil’s Untold Success Story

The media would have us believe that Brazil is in a state of unmitigated crisis and collapse. But that’s just the surface story.

Sure, the president is subject to impeachment proceedings, a flagship state-owned enterprise is exposed as systemically corrupt, and a great many leading government officials are implicated in the corruption scheme.… Continue Reading

Rio 2016 Press Coverage: Of Men and Molehills

Reports of delayed infrastructure projects for the Rio 2016 Olympics have been picked up with fervor in recent days by numerous press outlets. Some of these articles go as far as to speculate that various amenities will not be ready for the Games.… Continue Reading

The Rio 2016 Olympics: A Window into Our World (Part Four)

In the Olympic Charter, the International Olympic Committee has specifically identified human rights, environmental issues, and international intellectual property laws as major topics that host-country contracts and laws must address. However, corruption and transparency receive comparatively little attention.… Continue Reading

The Rio 2016 Olympics: A Window into Our World (Part One)

The Olympics can evoke the grandest of ideals: fair competition guided by universal rules, infused with genuine sportsmanship, challenging each of us to be our best while fostering international cooperation.

Of course, the same may be said of the global anti-corruption movement: we want a level playing field, with fair and transparent rules, promoting integrity, innovation, and prosperity, while building transnational relations of mutual dependence and trust.… Continue Reading