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Posts Tagged: Lance Armstrong

Drug cheat Floyd Landis collects $1.1 million for blowing the whistle on Lance Armstrong

Floyd Landis, left, and Lance ArmstrongFloyd Landis, a self-confessed drug cheat, collected $1.1 million Thursday for blowing the whistle on Lance Armstrong’s illegal drug use.

In 2010 Landis filed a qui tam lawsuit under the False Claims Act alleging his former teammate took performance-enhancing drugs and lied about it to the sponsors of their team, the U.S.… Continue Reading

Is Wal-Mart Armstronging America?

To “Armstrong” is defined in a prior post on the FCPA Blog as cheating and misleading your teammates and the public.

After Lance Armstrong’s act of public confession, dismissed by leading ethicists as a sham, “Armstronging” now also includes appearing to apologetically come clean while still not disclosing nor accounting for what happened, i.e.,… Continue Reading

Ethical values and Lance Armstrong: What do you tell your kids?

The Wall Street Journal Test. That is the phrase I use when training corporate employees on compliance and ethics. I ask folks to think about how their company’s reputation would be affected if a person’s action, deed or conduct, which they engaged in for their employer, was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).… Continue Reading

The Lance Armstrongs among us

It wasn’t just that he cheated. Or even that he lied. It was the way he lied: the moral indignation, the self-righteousness, the emphatic sincerity. He held himself out as a hero, THE hero.… Continue Reading

Lance Armstrong breaks America’s heart

Here’s the statement from the CEO of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, Travis T. Tygart, about the US Postal Service Pro Cycling Team doping conspiracy:


October 10, 2012

Today, we are sending the ‘Reasoned Decision’ in the Lance Armstrong case and supporting information to the Union Cycliste International (UCI), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC).… Continue Reading