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Posts Tagged: Enforcment List

First stop — the Archive tab

On the menu bar near the top of this page, you’ll find the Archive tab.

It’s the best way for see in a hurry what’s on the FCPA Blog.

The Tags are a subject index.… Continue Reading

Where to (always) find our lists

We’re crazy about lists and they appear in this space often.

But for readers, finding the latest version of our lists can be hard.

So we’ve found them a permanent home.… Continue Reading

Our reference section (October 2012)

Here are some of the reports, indexes, and lists we maintain. They’re always free, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

The top group are published on a regular schedule.… Continue Reading

Excavating Enforcement Data

Qi Chen, a student from the Chicago-Kent Law School, has updated some important numbers we first reported about two years ago.

Then and now he analyzed how many corporate enforcement actions since 2005 didn’t involve criminal or civil charges against any employees from the company.… Continue Reading

Enforcement At The Century’s Dawn

In Tuesday’s post, we looked at corporate FCPA enforcement since 2006. Today we’re going back further.

The years 2000 through 2005 are already ancient FCPA history. There were just fifteen cases and all but two penalties were under $5 million.… Continue Reading

Enforcement Report For Q-3 ’11

During the calendar quarter just ended, there were three corporate enforcement actions and two individual convictions. A defendant received one of the FCPA’s longest jail sentences, the DOJ released three new FCPA-related indictments, and prosecutors dropped the appeal of a short FCPA prison term.… Continue Reading

Enforcement Report For Q3 ’10

After the busiest first quarter on record for FCPA enforcement, things were quiet from April to June. But during the quarter just ended, there was plenty of action. It included the sputtering end to James Giffen’s high-profile prosecution, the Greens’ ultra-light jail term, a settlement by Snamprogetti that ranked fourth on our all-time top ten list, and ABB’s deal this week that will land seventh.… Continue Reading

Corporate Enforcement Countdown

In a post earlier this week, we added up the number of enforcement actions since 2005 against corporations and individuals. We’re searching for clues about how enforcement decisions are made, and whether corporate settlements might be replacing individual prosecutions.… Continue Reading

Enforcement Report For Q1 ’10

It was the busiest three months ever for FCPA-related enforcement. Here’s what happened since January 1st:

Indictments, guilty pleas, and sentencings. Some aren’t strictly FCPA actions, as in the Haiti telecom bribe case.… Continue Reading

The All-In-One FCPA Enforcement List

This is really it. A snapshot of (we think) all FCPA-related ongoing prosecutions, pending sentencings, extraditions, at-large fugitives, and appeals.

This post comes courtesy of Washington, D.C. lawyer Marc Alain Bohn and his firm’s librarian, Karen Polk.… Continue Reading