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The Press v. Corruption

[…] As the expression goes, sunshine is the strongest antiseptic.”
The correlation between press freedom and corruption is not perfect but apparent. Here, for example, are the best-ranked countries on Freedom House’s 2008 Freedom of the Press World Ranking. In parentheses are the countries’ rankings on the 2008 Corruption Perception Index:
Finland (6)
Iceland (7)
Denmark (1)
Norway (14)
Belgium (18)
Sweden […]

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Risk Alert: Are bribes lurking on the balance sheet?

When choosing transactions to test as part of anti-bribery assessments, the usual suspects include expense accounts like consulting, marketing, promotions, commissions, or miscellaneous. Other expense accounts are selected based on the nature of the company’s business, risk factors or descriptions of the account.

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First conflict minerals report is filed with the SEC

[…] May 31, when companies must make their conflict-minerals disclosures required by the Dodd-Frank Act.
The law requires certain SEC-reporting companies to disclose whether their products rely on conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold) from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and bordering countries. 
The federal appeals court for the D.C. circuit issued an […]

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I-Fighting Corruption

[…] People reporting online may not be traceable,” she said.
Last year the ICAC handled 3,377 corruption reports from citizens. That’s a lot. And it followed up on 78 per cent of those. So perhaps the organization is right to be worried; an easy-access, online complaint-filing system might just overwhelm its resources.
The conclusion? E-government can reduce […]

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A stacked procurement deck drove me out of my job

[…] involved.
His comments that follow are translated (by me) from the original Russian.
*     *     *
Belarus has a law setting out proper procedures when state funds are used to buy any goods. In the medical industry, almost all hospitals, clinics, and supporting labs are owned and controlled by the state through the Ministry of Health. So […]

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Paul T. Oki: Yes, sane people drive (and do business) in Nigeria

There are many striking similarities between navigating the daily chaos of urban traffic in Lagos, Nigeria and attempting to do business ethically in Nigeria. For one thing the objectives are generally the same — to arrive alive, unharmed, and without any damage to your car or your reputation.

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Resource Alert: CIPE offers free online training course for mid-sized firms

[…] risks, prepares all staff, and clearly meets MNCs’ standards, can be a substantial task.
Where to start?
To help, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) launched an interactive, online anti-corruption training course based on its Anti-Corruption Compliance Guidebook to support compliance officers in mid-sized firms in emerging markets.
The course is designed to teach company […]

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A Full Throated Defense of the Structure of the Suspension and Debarment System

When was the last time you heard about important business decisions being made by panels of Chief Executive Officers working together on an issue? What about successes brought on by co-General Managers of major league sports teams? How about any sustained praise in organizational behavior journals for the ability of groups to arrive at […]

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