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All posts by Melanie Lansakara

What the ‘hukou’ is going on in China?

Gong Aiai was sentenced last week in a Shaanxi Province court to three years in prison for buying more than 20 properties with forged ‘hukou’ and identity cards under the names Gong Xianxia and Gong Aiai.… Continue Reading

China whistleblower alleges billion-dollar fraud

On July 17, Wang Wenzhi, chief correspondent at the Economic Information Daily, used his verified Weibo account to expose the Chairman of state-owned China Resources Holdings, also known as Huarun Group, for allegedly stealing state-owned assets worth billions of Yuan.… Continue Reading

Bank whistleblower threatens European pols

The “Lagarde List” of tax evaders with money at the Swiss branch of HSBC is proving to be a treasure trove of information linking secret bank accounts to politicians in Europe, first in Greece and now in Spain.… Continue Reading

EU cracks down on timber trade

Illegal logging is a $10 billion business, according to Interpol, and is falling into the clutches of organized crime.

To fight the illegal timber trade, the EU enacted legislation this month that binds all 27 member states to regulate anyone who buys or sells timber and timber products for the commercial market in the EU.… Continue Reading

TI reports defense sector corruption

Transparency International has just released an analysis of defense corruption risks — the first of its kind for the defense sector.

The ‘Government Defense Anti-Corruption Index’ covers 82 countries accounting for 92% of worldwide defense spending.… Continue Reading

Coal scandal engulfs Australia

Australia is in the midst of a major corruption scandal involving the suspicious awards of coal exploration licenses that may have benefited a government official and his family by $100 million.… Continue Reading

In Pakistan, an old graft case stirs new fears

Pakistan’s supreme court is considering a case that gives a rare glimpse into the inner workings of Pakistani politics. And the case is raising concerns about how the country’s military has bought influence over elected civilian governments.… Continue Reading

How to sell a parliament seat in Azerbaijan

The Azeri prosecutor-general recently began a corruption investigation against Gular Ahmadova, a member of parliament from Azerbaijan’s ruling Yeni Azerbaijan party, after a video surfaced on YouTube showing her negotiating the sale of a parliamentary seat.… Continue Reading