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Global Contagion Report: Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co.

Country: Korea

Company Involved: Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP)

Industry: Power

Industry Subsector: Alternative Fuels

Official Involved: Kim Jong-shin, former chief of the state-run KHNP

Summary: Kim Jong-shin, former chief of the state-run Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co.,… Continue Reading

Global Contagion Report: Ti Yung Co.

Country: Taiwan

Company Involved: Ti Yung Co.

Industry: Basic Materials

Industry Subsector: Iron & Steel

Official Involved: Lin Yi-shih, ex-cabinet secretary-general

Enforcement Action: Judgement

Summary: Lin Yi-shih was sentenced to seven years and four months in prison and fined $540,000 on charges of accepting $2.13 million and soliciting another $2.81 million from Kaohsiung-based Ti Yung Co.… Continue Reading

Global Contagion Report: G G Tronics India Pvt. Ltd.

Country: India

Company Involved: G G Tronics India Pvt. Ltd.

Industry: Industrials

Industry Subsector: Railroads

Official Involved: Railway Board staff member Mahesh Kumar

Enforcement Action: Investigation

Summary: At least nine people have been detained in a corruption probe centering on Mahesh Kumar’s alleged attempts to buy himself a Railway Board post with oversight of lucrative contracts.… Continue Reading

Global Contagion Report: Taipei Gateway International Development

Country: Taiwan

Company Involved: Taipei Gateway International Development

Industry: Financials

Industry Subsector: Real Estate Holding & Development

Officials Involved: Lai Su-ju, Taipei city councilor; Jia Er-ching, former Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) official; Chiu Da-chan, Taipei finance commissioner; Lin Hsun-chieh, DORTS joint development division chief

Enforcement Action: Investigation

Summary: Investigators are probing allegations that Lai Su-ju solicited bribes of NT$4 million (US $134,000) from a middleman in exchange for advancing a proposal to grant advantages to private landowners.… Continue Reading

Global Contagion Report: Western PA Child Care

Country: United States

Companies Involved: PA Child Care, Western PA Child Care

Industry: Consumer Services

Industry Subsector: Specialized Consumer Services

Officials Involved: Mark Ciavarella Jr., (pictured right) former Luzerne County judge; Michael Conahan, former Luzerne County judge

Enforcement Action: Sentencing

Summary: Mark Ciavarella Jr.… Continue Reading

Global Contagion Report: Indoguna Utama

Country: Indonesia

Company Involved: PT Indoguna Utama

Industry: Consumer Goods

Industry Subsector: Farming & Fishing

Officials Involved: Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq, former chairman of Prosperous Justice Party (PKS); Suswono, agriculture minister (pictured right)

Enforcement Action: Investigation

Summary: Anti-corruption authorities said they uncovered evidence linking Indoguna Utama chief Maria Elizabeth Liman to an ongoing corruption probe surrounding meat import quotas.… Continue Reading

Global Contagion Report: LKG Enterprises

Country: United States

Companies Involved: LKG Enterprises, Aliviane Inc.

Industry: Health Care

Industry Subsector: Health Care Providers

Official Involved: Dolores Briones, El Paso (Texas) county judge, pictured right

Enforcement Action: Judgement

Summary: LKG Enterprises was banned from accepting government contracts for five years after its former president Ruben “Sonny” Garcia, Jr.… Continue Reading

Global Contagion Report: Nova Datacom

Country: United States

Company Involved: Nova Datacom LLC

Industry: Industrials

Industry Subsector: Defense

Officials Involved: Kerry F. Khan and Michael A. Alexander, former program managers for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Enforcement Action: Trial

Summary: Nova Datacom and its former president Min Jung Cho pleaded guilty to involvement in what the FBI is calling the largest domestic bribery and bid-rigging scheme in the history of federal contracting cases.… Continue Reading

Global Contagion Report: SLS Group

Country: South Korea

Company Involved: SLS Group

Industry: Industrials

Industry Subsector: Marine Transportation

Official Involved: Shin Jae-min, former vice culture minister

Enforcement Action: Judgment

Summary: The Supreme Court sentenced Shin Jae-min to three and a half years for receiving about 117 million won ($103,700) worth of kickbacks from chairman of SLS Group Lee Kuk-chul.… Continue Reading

Global Contagion Report: Portugal Telecom

Country: Brazil

Company Involved: Portugal Telecom SGPS SA

Industry: Telecommunications

Industry Subsector: Mobile Telecommunications

Officials Involved: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, former president of Brazil; Antonio Palocci, former finance minister

Enforcement Action: Investigation

Summary: Prosecutors in Brazil are investigating Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in connection with Brazil’s sweeping “mensalão” scheme, in which monthly bribes were paid to coalition party deputies in exchange for political support.… Continue Reading

Global Contagion Report: AgustaWestland

Country: India

Company Involved: AgustaWestland

Industry: Industrials

Industry Subsector: Defense

Official Involved: V.S. Saini, Air Force brigadier

Enforcement Action: Investigation

Summary: In the course of probing an allegedly corrupt helicopter supply contract between the Indian military and Finnmeccanica subsidiary AgustaWestland, Italian investigators uncovered evidence that may point to a separate scam surrounding helicopter procurement.… Continue Reading

Global Contagion Report: SNC-Lavalin

Country: Bangladesh

Company Involved: SNC-Lavalin

Industry: Industrials

Industry Subsector: Heavy Construction

Officials Involved: Riaz Ahmed Jaber, former executive engineer of the Roads and Highways Department; Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan, former secretary to the Bridges Division; Kazi Mohammad Ferdous, superintendent engineer of Bangladesh Bridges Authority

Enforcement Action: Investigation

Summary: Riaz Ahmed Jaber, Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan and Kazi Mohammad Ferdous are being investigated in connection with a corruption scandal concerning the Padma Bridge project.… Continue Reading