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All posts by Richard L. Cassin

Don’t expect agents to keep quiet about bribes they pay

In nearly all FCPA enforcement actions, agents, consultants, suppliers, distributors, and partners — whether real or faux — have a hand in bribery. They make approaches to foreign officials, set up offshore shell companies, generate fake invoices, and move money through accounts they own or control.… Continue Reading

Do you know how KYC applies to FCPA risk assessment?

Know-your-customer is usually associated with anti-money laundering programs. Customers (or clients) with close ties to corrupt leaders, for example, are flagged as an AML risk. But KYC also applies to FCPA risk analysis, but in a very different way.… Continue Reading

State-Granted Monopolies: Are they your best (and worst) customers?

They are so familiar to those of us who follow FCPA enforcement actions that we’re likely to stop noticing them. Petrobras in Brazil, Corpoelec and PDVSA in Venezuela, Pemex and CFE in Mexico, Takilant in Uzbekistan, Sonangol in Angola, Alba in Bahrain, Telecommunications D’Haiti, 1MDB in Malaysia, and Pertamina in Indonesia.… Continue Reading

Was Amec Foster Wheeler ‘afraid’ of its agents?

It’s a strange scenario. How did London-based Amec Foster Wheeler (AFW) end up with agents in three different countries for a single, relatively small project in Brazil — including two agents disqualified by AFW’s due diligence and a third agent that AFW thought had lost influence?… Continue Reading

Why FCPA cover-ups are worse than the crime

Every compliance training session should include this warning: If you ever become involved with, see, or otherwise discover a potential FCPA violation, stop everything. Don’t clean your desk, empty the trash can, or clear your browser history.… Continue Reading

How do you ‘market’ your compliance program?

Nothing sells itself, not even compliance. There’s always a process of presentation. So if we talk about “marketing” compliance, we’re not cheapening it. Instead, we’re trying to understand how compliance officers can be most effective.… Continue Reading