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Supremes will consider bad acts overseas

This year’s fabled First Monday in October when the U.S. Supreme Court opens its new Term will be especially interesting for those of us who follow international business issues. The first case scheduled for oral argument in the new term is Kiobel v.Continue Reading

When Elites Cheat

It’s not that they are rich that bothers the rest of us. Even unearned inherited wealth isn’t the problem. It isn’t the legacy elite schools passing for merit, or the clubby social events.… Continue Reading

Reclaiming Capitalism

“Banksters,” says the cover of the Economist Magazine. Rising discontent against global trade, says New York Times columnist David Brooks.

Twenty-five percent of financial professionals in the U.S. and U.K believe that unethical behavior may be a necessary evil in order to succeed in modern business, according to a June 2012 survey sponsored by whistleblower law firm Labaton Sucharow.… Continue Reading

American Values: Cronyism Isn’t Capitalism

Highly intelligent, sophisticated, successful.  I think he was of Indian ancestry, or maybe Pakistani? A modern Canadian citizen; executive of a Fortune 10 corporation responsible for North American operations for the British based corporation, first in its market position.… Continue Reading

Repeal Not The FCPA (But Change The Business Model)

 One foreign businessman was shot twice in the head by a “krysha” (bribe)-seeking Russian gang. The safety of his own children was threatened by a gang member waving photographs of them going to school, according to Tim Worstall in his Forbes article arguing for repeal of anti-bribery laws. 

The view from the front lines of global capitalism can be stark and sometimes terrifying.… Continue Reading