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All posts by Benjamin Kessler

Is corruption behind China firetraps?

In what has been called China’s deadliest industrial accident in five years, at least 120 people were killed and 77 injured in a June fire at a poultry processing plant in Jilin Province.… Continue Reading

SEC targets China issuers

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the now-defunct China-based advertising company, China MediaExpress, with fraud and misleading investors. The company and its CEO, Zheng Cheng, are accused of massively overstating values of cash balances to the SEC by up to 40,000 percent.… Continue Reading

Lifting the Veil on Zhejiang’s ‘Cancer Villages’

Within Zhejiang, one of China’s most prosperous provinces, some towns report that spiking cancer rates linked to water pollution have destroyed locals’ way of life.
Experts claim environmental pollution has produced as many as 500 so-called “cancer villages” across mainland China.… Continue Reading

Rumor of leniency for ‘Great Leap Liu’ sparks outrage

Then-Railway Minister Liu Zhijun hosting Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi in Beijing in 2009 (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)China’s former railways minister has gone on trial for bribery and abuse of power.

Liu Zhijun was fired from his post in 2011 for unspecified “severe violations” of discipline.… Continue Reading

China court ‘execution officials’ on the take

Court officials tasked with carrying out sentences and managing auctions of confiscated assets are “prone to corruption and bribery,” according to Caijing magazine’s recent evaluation of corruption in China’s courts.
Nearly one-third of the corruption cases Caijing analyzed involved charges against these so-called “execution officials.”… Continue Reading

Corruption is like terrorism, says China journalist

According to China’s anti-corruption man of the hour, journalist Luo Changping (pictured), economic reforms won’t be enough to curb the country’s corruption pandemic.
His new book examines 120 corruption cases involving high-profile Chinese officials.… Continue Reading