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The Lance Armstrongs among us

It wasn’t just that he cheated. Or even that he lied. It was the way he lied: the moral indignation, the self-righteousness, the emphatic sincerity. He held himself out as a hero, THE hero.… Continue Reading

Autumnal Adventures to Unchartered Corners

The passing of Labor Day marks the advent of a new season. In my new home state of Virginia, the heat has softened and the riverside trees take on a faint yellow; for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, perhaps the winter wanes and blossoms bud.… Continue Reading

An OECD Enforcement Quiz

The OECD recently released its 2011 Data on Enforcement of the Anti-Bribery Convention, available here. It contains a number of fascinating, and surprising, results. To show you what I mean, see how many of the following answers you get right.… Continue Reading

Facilitating Payments (De)mystified (Conclusion)

In two prior posts we observed an awkward equivocation on the question of facilitation payments, both within the OECD generally and among the convention signatories. For a discussion of the OECD Convention’s strangely evasive verbiage, see here; for variations among individual signatories, see here.… Continue Reading

Facilitating Payments (De)mystified (Part I)

I’ve got a five-year-old daughter on a big synonym/antonym/homonym kick. If you don’t like talking about these things, you won’t like talking to her. But I love it, so let me give you a little quiz: in the FCPA context, are ‘ease’ and ‘facility’ antonyms or synonyms?… Continue Reading