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Mercedes-Benz wants you to know that corruption will ruin your life

Nearly every major company in the world has implemented some form of anti-corruption training. We don’t often get a chance to peek at internal company videos, but we recently stumbled upon a short film from Mercedes-Benz.

The German auto giant has invested heavily in its compliance program. The compliance page touts the comprehensive nature of its anti-corruption program and a successful audit of its program performed by one of the Big Four.

The messaging is also straightforward. Here’s an excerpt from Mercedes-Benz’s “No Chance for Corruption” resource website:

A deal that benefits everyone? A fatal decision! Corruption creates enormous damage – to fair competition, to society and to our company. That is why we take a global stand against corruption and all its negative repercussions.

Mercedes-Benz also appears to take an integrated approach to anti-corruption training. Again, from the online resource:

Preventing and tackling corruption are key aspects of our compliance work. In order to continuously raise awareness of the significance of anti-corruption among our employees, we have launched various training and communication activities. This includes our internal campaign “Together On the Right Track”, which encourages discussions related to the topic corruption and helps our employees navigate safely through difficult situations in day-to-day business.

To complement compliance training and existing compliance processes, Mercedes-Benz released an unlisted YouTube video titled “Don’t Lose Your Face.”

The main focus of the video is the personal toll corruption takes. It keeps you up at night, destroys your family life, and makes you feel like someone else.

On the date of this post, the video had 29 views on YouTube.

If your company is looking for training videos, check out two award-winning compliance training videos co-produced by Mastercard that are now available to other companies for customization.

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