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Resource Alert: New compliance training videos focus on misuse of non-public corporate information

The award-winning e-learning series Compliance Corner has followed the success of its first release with a second series of videos, this time about the perils of sharing inside and non-public corporate information with those outside the organization, including family and friends.

This second release is once again real-life compliance training. It depicts the career of Tom Hardin, a once successful hedge-fund analyst who ultimately became known as “Tipper-X,” as designated by the FBI. During his time as an undercover informant, he assisted law enforcement in unraveling numerous criminal insider-trading conspiracies involving the misuse of confidential information.

Insider trading and even unintentionally sharing confidential information puts employees at risk not only in the financial services sector but also far beyond. As Tom explained, “Anyone who works for a public, or even non-public company, that is in possession of inside information that could impact investor decisions, or fair market conditions, can be exposed to insider risk. And as I learned, it can sneak up on you, starting with what you might think are small, seemingly harmless decisions, which can start to cross the line into questionable and ultimately illegal conduct, causing significant, yet avoidable harm to both people and organizations.”

Tom’s story is told through a series of interviews with Nita Drakatos, a former ethics and compliance leader and trainer with global experience in South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

The first series of Compliance Corner training videos, based on my own story, has been highly effective. Multinationals, on a global basis, have integrated the initial set of eight videos into their online training libraries, and as a supplement to live training, as part of their compliance training and awareness programs.

This second release brings compliance training even further through four vignettes. The videos are suitable for training anyone who has access to corporate inside, confidential and non-public information. In addition to those on the front-lines of sales, the vignettes were also developed and produced to support employees in supply chain management, procurement, as well as other support functions.

Nita Drakatos, when asked about her role in interviewing Tom as part of the series, said: “I was intrigued when I first leaned about ‘Tipper X’ and was thrilled for the opportunity to interview Tom Hardin for the newest Compliance Corner series of vignettes.”

Here’s the one minute trailer:


Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish.

To request a demo, a licensing fee schedule, or to learn more about Compliance Corner, please click here

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