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Mastercard’s award winning anti-bribery training videos can now be customized

Two award-winning compliance training videos co-produced by Mastercard are now available to other companies for customization. 

The videos — Behind the Bribe and From Beach House to Blackmail — won prestigious industry awards and have already been licensed by multinationals worldwide.

With training shifting towards more e-learning content, both videos can now be customized and “made your own,” suitable for any virtual or hybrid learning environment. 

As examples, multinationals have inserted into the videos additional content, including “promotional breaks” relating to specific company policies, often narrated by in-house or external compliance and legal leaders.

Given the current virtual and hybrid work environment, this is a unique opportunity to calibrate content to specific organizations or functions, such as procurement, finance, sales, marketing, and other support teams.

The first Mastercard co-produced compliance training video, Behind the Bribe, continues to be a part of compliance training programs worldwide since its release in 2017. The second video, From Beach House to Blackmail, was released in 2019.

Karen Griffin, Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at Mastercard, described From Beach House to Blackmail as real-life training that helps “remove blind spots.”

She said,

Third parties can play a vital role in business enablement. However, the key to success is managing the risk they bring to the ecosystem. Ensuring appropriate controls are in place to mitigate the risk starts with a deep understanding of the risks to your business. In our recent anti-corruption training, we engage our stakeholders through the storytelling of real-life cases in a way they can personally connect with. This innovative approach helps remove blind spots as it gives people a relatable experience they will remember.

Here’s the one minute trailer for From Beach House to Blackmail:

To request a demo of both videos, or a licensing fee schedule, including customization and subtitling options, please click here.

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