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When we talked about the corporate investigations list

Eighteen months ago I was sitting in my dad’s office. We were discussing how there was no easy way to dive into and analyze active FCPA investigations.

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could see what countries are involved? Just click ‘Poland’ and there’s a list of every company with an open investigation involving Poland.”

The next day we continued, “Real time investigation updates… think about that!” On the third day we decided that we needed this information. We set about building it for use at the FCPA Blog.

We wanted it to be fast and easy to use. No information should be more than three clicks from the dashboard.

With the design and technology framework in place, we focused on the most important part: content.

Tracking FCPA investigations is difficult. We knew from the beginning we wanted 100 percent accurate data. We decided to use only primary documents from SEC filings, other company statements, and agency releases.

We began using the platform in-house at the FCPA Blog and immediately started seeing previously undiscovered details about FCPA investigations and enforcement patterns.

Shortly after we started using this tool (now called FCPA Tracker), a few large companies we work with came to us, specifically asking for info about open investigations. We set them up with access and they loved it.

Then we decided to open it up to everyone.

Our team has reviewed every FCPA disclosure for the past year and a half and provided over 600 alerts for new, closed, and updated investigations.

Today companies from five to 150,000 employees use FCPA Tracker, and we’ve partnered with governments around the world. Sovereign wealth funds, oil majors, top law firms, and others all use FCPA Tracker daily.

At the FCPA Blog, we’re still just as excited about it as the day we first started using it.

Learn more about FCPA Tracker here.


Harry Cassin, pictured above, is the managing editor of the FCPA Blog.

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