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ISO 37001: Let’s ask some tough questions

The debate about the ISO 37001 anti-bribery management system hasn’t gone away. Compliance professionals are still asking tough questions.

Does certification matter? Is it just PR or will it save or help the company if we have a problem?… Continue Reading

Bray and Cheng: A strategic approach to compliance in today’s Malaysia

Political developments in Malaysia should provide a governance “wake up call” for international companies operating in the country, which urgently need to review their relationships with local business partners. If they did not conduct integrity due diligence before entering these relationships, they should consider doing so now.… Continue Reading

Job: Executive Director, Global Compliance

Job Title: Executive Director, Global Compliance

Employer: Incyte Corporation

Location: Wilmington, Delaware USA

Description: Incyte Corporation’s Global Compliance Group is looking for an Executive Director, Global Compliance.  This position will include management and oversight of Incyte’s Global Corporate Compliance Program, with significant interaction with Incyte’s Global and Regional Sales and Marketing, Legal, Information Technology, Medical Affairs, Product Strategy, Research and Development, and other company departments.… Continue Reading

Arturo del Castillo: Revisiting World Cup fouls and corruption indexes

David Bligh’s recent post for the FCPA Blog asked a provocative question: Did the Corruption Perceptions Index correlate with World Cup fouls?

To answer this question, he did a linear regression analysis with the average number of fouls committed by each team that participated in the last World Cup versus the ranking obtained by those countries in Transparency International’s 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index.… Continue Reading

Tom Fox: Venture capital firms like the business of compliance

Want any greater evidence of not only the effectiveness of compliance but its now mandatory nature as a business process going forward? Look no further than the marketplace.

Two recent announcements of significant venture capital funding made clear that companies which deliver products and services in the compliance arena are viewed as prime business opportunities.… Continue Reading

DOJ: Don’t let FCPA enforcement fears stop M&A deals

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Matthew MinerThe prosecutor who oversees the criminal division’s FCPA unit said the DOJ wants corporate acquisitions to happen and doesn’t want the “specter of enforcement to be a risk factor that impedes such activity by good actors.”… Continue Reading

Reoch and Barrett: Time to shift to ‘conduct from the top’

It has long been recognized that a critical principle of good governance and compliance is the implementation, promotion and communication of the right tone at the top. It is the fundamental groundwork in setting a company’s culture and is arguably the most important principle in the prevention and detection of bribery and unethical conduct.… Continue Reading