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Whistleblower: ‘I have now heard from the SFO and SEC’

Dear FCPA Blog,

I would like to update you on the progress I made with my whistleblower claims since I wrote to you earlier this month.

First, I have learned there are a lot of people who want to do the right thing and others who want to help them.

I began talking with law firms and public organizations.

I received an official contact from an agent of intelligence at the SFO in the UK. I have also received a confirmation and appreciation letter from the Office of the Whistleblower at the SEC for my information update. The SFO and SEC were responding to my submittals to them earlier this month.

If you recall, I work at an overseas subsidiary of a global company. I became a whistleblower after I tried in vain to report the issue several times to both the local and global compliance hotlines.

Finally I was warned by the compliance department not to send or distribute this kind of communication.

For the moment I have to remain anonymous. But after completion I would like to let people know the whole story, to help them gain courage and confidence in what they are pursuing.

Personally I would like to work for the people in my country as you are doing. The standard and recognition on human rights and transparency in this country is unbelievably low — although this is one of the OECD members.

I wish you to enjoy the days in peace, and I again appreciate your efforts.

I will update any progress in the future.

Best regards,


[Editor’s note: This post was redacted and changed where necessary to protect the Guest Contributor’s identity.]

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  1. While the risks of blowing the whistle are high everywhere, they are higher in some countries and industries more than others. This reality, as evidenced by both the Panama & Paradise Papers revelations, as well as this whistleblower’s plight, highlights the need to protect and encourage anonymous whistleblowers everywhere. It should be the global gold standard everywhere.

  2. A country which appears to improve on TPI's ratings yet remains a treacherous country to do business is Indonesia. Recently a Compliance Officer who raised concerns at the company and its shareholders was run out Indonesia due to intimidation and retaliation from local management as well as shareholder representatives who failed to stop the actions. Compliance Officers become easy targets for those implicated in the bad deeds or those who are brought in to scare off the honest people who were doing their jobs in reporting compliance issues at the company.

    There are many avenues of intimidation in Indonesia whereby the KPK, District Attorney, Attorney General, Immigration and Police can be easily manipulated. This Compliance Officer will eventually tell his story although he continues to live in fear away from his family and friends while this saga continues regardless of certain shareholders being multinational banks who appear to hide their head in the sand and continue to be complicit.

    Whistleblowers assume a brave and risky role in society when all else has failed.

    Maxine Power

  3. If you or anyone who would like to make report(s) on fraud or corruption, Asia Anti Fraud will accept your report in an utmost confidentiality.

  4. Why SFO?. Even for a non-UK subsidiary they are applicable?. Didn’t you touch US DoJ?. Out of curiosity, have you researched many lawyers?. Which ones did you choose?.

    Researching Justice

  5. Who and how do you contact Asia Anti Fraud? More details would be helpful.

    There are good practical lawyers out there to assist with cross border matters although when you are fighting a huge corporate monster, its extremely tough.

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