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Whistleblower: ‘The compliance department warned me not send this kind of information’

Dear FCPA Blog,

I am a whistleblower working at an overseas subsidiary of a global company. English is not my mother tongue. But I would like to tell you some of my story.

I decided just last month after long consideration to be a whistleblower. It seems foolhardy that I made the decision without any advice or assistance of professionals. But it is such a relief  to know there are a lot of people who are working to do the right thing, and your information is really useful to me.

I am sure that I am doing the right thing. But I am not sure I am going about it in the best way possible.

Inside my organization, I was driven away several times. I reported the issue to both the local and global compliance hotlines in vain, and even got a warning from the very compliance function not to send or distribute this kind of communication.

That was the moment I decided to blow a whistle to the SEC and DOJ, because I could not find any way to resolve this issue internally. I am not sure about the result — whether an investigation could be opened or not, and how much impact should be put on my organization.

So I am worrying about the reaction from the majority of my colleagues who are neither involved nor aware of this problem, as well as another retaliation against me. It is such a big pain and stress to me even though it is the right way.

At the moment I am ready by myself for any rough way and long journey for years ahead. I believe it is important not only to start something but also to make it happen. I don’t want to remain as a bystander.

I am writing because I want to share my story with somebody — I cannot share it with colleagues or even my family. I now understand what it is to be a whistleblower and I want my story to help others who are ready to do the right thing.

Kindest regards,


[Editor’s note: This post was redacted and changed where necessary to protect the Guest Contributor’s identity.]

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  1. It takes a lot of courage to stand on your own. I would hope that someone reading this will offer up legal and support services to ensure your story is told completely and correctly as well as protect your own interests. Best of luck.

  2. This raises one of the inherent dangers of whistleblowing. While the gov't will protect the anonymity of the WB, it is often easy for an organization to deduce the WB's identity from internal attempts to report the issue. Attempts at retaliation to some degree are then inevitable. The WB must take whatever steps he can to legally protect himself.

  3. If involves American company or supplier to American company or US Government, I’d be pleased to discuss confidentially and without cost. 1-248-762-7009

  4. Prepare for the worst. Assumed that the Law Firm advising the corporation will hire an "intelligence firm" like Fusion GPS to dig up dirt and finding none will create dirt and lies. Assume that the "Intelligence Firm" is well connected with Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community and will try to intimidate. Read up on FISA.

    Strongly encourage you to contemporaneously document:

    – all surveillance by sending detailed emails along with pictures to yourself;
    – all digital head games and threats and the respective websites;
    – all computer attacks;
    – all direct and indirect threats to your life and that of your children and grandchildren;
    – all evidence of being blacklisted.

    Never lower your guard, very dangerous well connected folks are being highly compensated to destroy YOU!

    If they can do it to Trump they can do it to anyone.

  5. You can access my "An Investigator's Guide to Whistleblowers" series, Parts 1 – 6 for free on LinkedIn. The series will give you an idea of what is about to happen to you and why people will act the way they will.

  6. You overcame the "internal fight", due to personal beliefs and values.
    To succeed on the fight with external environment, be encouraged and manage solid evidence for the case. But mostly, seek for proper advice. All the best to this journey.

  7. You should view this in the long rum, no mater for the company or for yourself. Step further and speak up, compliance and justice won't let you down. Good luck.

  8. Congrats for your courage. If everyone who knows about wrongdoings did the same as you did, the world would be a better place. I do the same every single day. Thus Im not a whistleblower, I have to point my fingers to wrongdoings, including those made by important public people. But only by acting courageously we can fight corruption, this horrible human disease. So congrats again. You can count on me If you want just to talk. I'm a State lawyer in Brazil but also a Psychologist.

  9. Just be prepared for “no good deed goes unpunished”! Unfortunately, you will be in for a long ordeal since it sounds like the feds will be involved. Hang in there!

  10. You shall not fear and keep on if you do have all evidences don’t give up make sure what you are saying is true, honest, loyal. There is a Law that no one can touch. And this law is the law of life. So do not worry. Do what you have to do to get justice done. I’m in the same path and doing écris can to clean up the mess that high powerfull human race take advantage v. People like us. It’s not a fight, it’s your defense. You are lucky to have lawyers who offered you help. I do not and I’m all alone as a pro/se for the sake of my kids. Until real justice is done I won’t let anyone in my way!! Thus for years, and years! No one impressed me, and like you English is not my first language. Believe in yourself do the right thing, think through before doing anything. Make sure your decision are rational. Then justice you are looking for will in your side!

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