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Resource Alert: IBA Local Legislation Library (It’s free!)

The International Bar Association has added to its website a more complete library of local anti-corruption legislation, and it’s very cool.

The library, first assembled several years ago, included links to local anti-bribery legislation and international agreements.

Over the past several months, Saskia Zandieh — the Website Officer for the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee — worked with IBA members to enhance it by adding summaries of the legislation.

“We now have summaries for over 40 countries, which can serve as a wonderful starting point for conducting anti-corruption research,” Saskia said in an email to members of the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee.

Here’s an example:

Overview of Japan’s domestic anti-corruption legal framework

If a person (only natural person) gives, or offers or promises to give a bribe to a domestic public official. in connection with the public official’s duties, both the person and the public official are criminally liable under the Penal Code

Overview of Japan’s foreign anti-corruption legal framework


If a person (both natural person and legal person) gives, or offers or promises to give a bribe to a foreign public official, in order to have the public official act or refrain from acting in connection with the public official’s duties, for the purpose to obtain a wrongful gain in business with regard to international commercial transactions, the person is criminally liable under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

Links to applicable regulations and relevant provisions [the links are in the entry]

The IBA Anti-Corruption Committee is co-chaired by Bruno Cova of Paul Hastings and Pascale Dubois of the World Bank Group.

IBA members or anyone else interested in drafting a summary of the local anti-bribery legislation for a courntry that has not yet been updated or that does not yet appear on the website can contact Saskia Zandieh at [email protected].

The IBA Anti-Corruption Committee’s library of local anti-corruption legislation is here.


Richard L. Cassin is the publisher and editor of the FCPA Blog.

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