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Top five agencies investigating FCPA-related cases globally

The five government agencies with the most ongoing FCPA-related investigations as of today, according to FCPA Tracker, are:

1.  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission — 79 Investigations

2.  U.S. Department of Justice — 77 Investigations

3.  UK Serious Fraud Office — 15 Investigations

4.  Brazilian Securities Commission — 4 Investigations

5.  Brazilian Federal Prosecutor’s Office — 3 Investigations

Globally, there are 27 government agencies with active investigations into FCPA-related activity.

Investigations reported by FCPA Tracker are those disclosed by companies in SEC filings or other company statements, and investigations publicly announced by enforcement agencies anywhere.

Not all disclosures identify the enforcement agencies involved in an FCPA-related investigation and some disclosures don’t mention any agency.

A full list of the government agencies mentioned in FCPA-related investigation disclosures is available from FCPA Tracker (by subscription).

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  1. Clearly, the U.S. is doing the heavy lifting with regards to Foreign Corrupt Practices investigations. It is curious that the current U.S. administration has both expressed disdain towards the FCPA (POTUS) while pledging to maintain enforcement of the FCPA (The A.G.) . The U.S. is leading, other nations must follow or get out of the way.

  2. I am a South African involved with business development and with developmental finance. I want to thank a country such as the US (others as well) for leading the way globally regarding anti-corruption. In SA the problem is currently really bad – much worse than the glimpses the international media would provide on the situation. Global leadership is priceless for many 3rd world peoples, living in countries being destroyed by corrupt leaders and their cronies. I look with concern at movements within the US government against its anti-corruption machinery. Believe me, the picture is much bigger and more destructive than claims of short-term profits (e.g. for US companies being 'hampered' due to anti-corruption efforts) can ever justify. On issues such as this there is no alternative to global leadership.

  3. We need more people expressing, from first hand experience, what enforcement against corruption means to each and every individual around the world. The monsters with which we are dealing are looming behind the scenes, acting vicariously, and will destroy what we allow to be destroyed. The enemy only has as much power as one gives him. WE are the force to stop it.

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