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Help Students Study Corruption in Brazil

Eight law students at the University of Richmond need your help. As part of a year-long course called “Brazil, Corruption, and the 2016 Summer Olympics,” they’re taking a research trip to Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro this spring. They’ll personally interview government officials, business people, lawyers, and civic organizations, and collectively write a report of their findings. With the help of the FCPA Blog, we think they can really have a major impact on the public debate. This truly is a rare opportunity.
In order to make this part of the research possible, they need your help! The group must raise $30,000 before they can travel to Brazil to complete their research. While they have received a small amount of support from the University, they need advocates like you to help them meet our goal. If you could donate $25, $10, $5, or even $1, it would go a long way!

Donating is easy, simply visit our fundraising page here. The students would greatly appreciate your support!
This will not be the group’s first venture into anti-corruption research. In fact, the students have already published a paper. Forthcoming in the Southwestern Journal of International Law, “From the 2014 World Cup to the 2016 Summer Olympics: Brazil’s Role in the Global Anti-Corruption Movement” explores the history of Olympic corruption, Brazil’s modern anti-corruption movement, and the research questions they’ll spend the several months trying to answer. Which lessons did Brazil learn from the FIFA World Cup? Do the country’s recent statutes and enforcement actions signal a new era of combatting corruption in Brazil? Ultimately, how will Rio compare to those other recent BRIC host cities, Beijing and Sochi? Can the Olympic Games live up to its own ideals of fair competition and international cooperation?

We think this is a wonderful educational opportunity, with the potential to make a real contribution to anti-corruption scholarship. We would greatly appreciate your help in making this possible. Please consider contributing today!


Andy Spalding is a Senior Editor of the FCPA Blog and Assistant Professor at the University of Richmond School of Law.

Carter Nichols is a second-year student at the University of Richmond School of Law where he is a member of Law Review and the Moot Court Board. He has co-authored research on anti-corruption and the World Cup in Brazil.

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