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Compliance boot camp and the legacy of ethos

The University of Miami offered a Compliance Boot Camp the week before the 2015 spring term began. The short, intensive, and rigorous program’s objective was to expose the group of self-selected students to the knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in the field of compliance.

By the end of the program, students were expected to recognize why corruption occurs, what the consequences are for people and the economy, and how compliance programs work to mitigate the risk. Most notably, the program offered me the opportunity to develop new skills in leadership, public speaking, and ethical decision-making.

These skills were tested on the last day of the boot camp with the presentation of a case study. My peers and I were asked to identify the risks an organization faced in a foreign country, suggest controls to lessen the risk, and design a program to gauge the effectiveness of these controls. The findings were presented to “a Board” that included professionals from E&Y, Boston Scientific, and a compliance attorney.

The presentation gave me the opportunity to understand how important compliance is in day-to-day business operations, and how rigorous is the job of a compliance officer. It also revealed to me the devastating consequences that can result from not having a good compliance program. Lastly, the boot camp instilled in me and my classmates a heightened sense of importance for ethical decision-making in my business modus operandi. And it reinforced the notion that I must continue to be a symbol of honor, ethics, and integrity in my career.

I now acknowledge that I am the legacy of the ethos found at the University of Miami and that any action I take will represent myself, my peers, and my alma mater. The Certificate of Completion I earned holds the promise for a great start in a career in compliance. Most important, it taught me to always have uncompromising integrity as a standard in everything I do in life.  ​


William Krinickas is a senior at the University of Miami double majoring in Economics and International Studies with minors in Business Law and Management.

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  1. I agree with the writer of this article. The University of Miami compliance boot camp program is a first in class program, with top professors, a rigorous and reality based curriculum, and excellent networking opportunities.

    Kudos to the University for developing this program in response to a need in the compliance community.

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