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China Corruption Blotter (June 13, 2014)

Jiang Hanping, former director of Shenzhen Municipal Health, Population and Family Planning Commission, was sentenced to 11 years in jail for bribery. Jiang took bribes of $476,000 and offered $226,250 to former Shenzhen vice Mayor Liang Daoxing in exchange for Liang’s help in promotions. 

Zhi Xianping, former head of Sinograin’s depot in Neihuang County, Henan province, was sentenced to 19 years in prison for corruption. Zhi was guilty of embezzling $119,511 in public funds, taking bribes nearly $90,000 to seek benefits for bribe-givers in depot construction projects and grain storage. He also illegally transferred $32,094 in public funds to a private investor as loan. 

E Erduncang, deputy director of the Ordos People’s Congress Standing Committee in Inner Mongolia region, was tried for taking bribes worth $3.3 million in exchange for approval of construction projects, bank loans, land-use permit and cadre promotion. He also embezzled $585,724 in public funds and owned $325,759 in unexplained assets. 

Luo Shiguo, former head of Xingbin District Water Resources Bureau in Laibin city, Guangxi province, was tried for taking $251,812 in bribes from construction contractors seeking government projects. His wife Li Xianglian was tried along with him for accepting bribes. 

Wang Suyi, former head of the Party’s United Front Work Department in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, stood trial for taking bribes worth more than $1.72 million to seek business deals for private companies and promotions for individuals. Ordos Mengtai Real Estate Development Co. is one of the bribe-givers identified by prosecutors.

Cheng Mengren, former deputy head of Guizhou Provincial Transportation Department, stood trial for receiving bribes worth $3.3 million. Prosecutors accused Cheng of illegally awarding road construction projects to his mistress He Wen, who subcontracted the projects to private investors and funneled kickbacks to Cheng. She was tried along with Cheng for taking $2.9 million in bribes.


Hui Zhi is the Senior Manager for Content with the China Compliance Digest.

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