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China Corruption Blotter (February 20, 2014)

Li Xuezhi, the former third division chief of the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s North China Center for Environmental Inspector, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for taking $381,565 in bribes. Li accepted $313,842 in cash and five Samsung cellphones from Henan Xinxiang Xinya Paper Co Ltd to cover up the company’s environmental pollution violations. Li also solicited bribes from local environmental regulators while inspecting polution in local wastewater treatment plants.

Yang Shuwei, the former head of Energy-saving and Resources Comprehensive Utilization Department in Ji’an city, was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison for taking $462,504 in bribes. In charge of allocating state energy-saving subsidies, Yang approved subsidies to seven disqualified companies in exchange for bribes.

Zhou Weisi, former chief of Nanlian Community Neighborhood and former vice chairman of Shenzhen Longgang Nanlian Cooperation (Guangdong province), was charged with giving and receiving bribes. Prosecutors accused Zhou of taking $9.25 million in bribes from real estate developers, including Tianji Property Development (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, to assistant them in land distribution, house demolition and relocation projects. Zhou also bribed local land officials to get his illegal properties approved.

Chen Xi, the former director of Nantong housing management administration in Jiangsu province, has committed suicide while awaiting trial on corruption charges. He had been out on bail to seek medical treatment. In 2008, an anonymous whistleblower published an online post accusing Chen of taking bribes from real estate developers. Sources close to the case said Chen committed suicide after being found to be involved in other corruption cases.

An engineering contractor in Anhui province, Zhang Fanghao, has been sentenced to six years in prison for bribery. Zhang had offered $320,401 in bribes to the former head of Chuzhou City House Demolition Office in order to win land deals and urban demolition projects.

Zhou Guangrong, former director of Chengdu Municipal Health Bureau, has been put on trial for taking bribes. Zhou was charged with soliciting property and a car worth $73,626, from Xu Zuo, a former employee of Chengdu Liquefied Natural Gas Co Ltd. Zhou also conspired with Xu Zuo and He Jie, former president of Chengdu No.9 People’s Hospital, to grant an engineering project to a contractor in return for bribes worth $660,621.


Hui Zhi is a Senior China Analyst with the China Compliance Digest.

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