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Love affair contract lands China tax official in hot water

A Guanxi province tax official has become the object of ridicule after a “love affair contract” between him and his mistress surfaced online. Tao Yi, head of Guangxi’s Guigang City taxation bureau, has been dismissed from office and placed under investigation by the taxation bureau.

The handwritten and signed contract (pictured above) contains six clauses detailing the obligations and rights between Tao and his mistress, identified only as “Miss Fan.”

The contract stipulates that both parties should meet at least once a week and must not have sexual relations with others while their affair continues. The affair could only be terminated through a written agreement.

Fan was also not allowed to interfere with Tao’s family or work lest she face punishment, while Tao was obligated to provide her with financial support, the amount of which would be decided upon negotiation.

Violating any of the clauses would result in the other party having to pay compensation totaling 10,000 yuan ($1,641) for “mental damages.”

According to the Nanguo Morning Post, Fan had returned the original contract after being paid a 30,000 yuan ($4,923) “break-up fee” and agreed not to reveal Tao’s identity.

Pictures of Tao singing and dancing in a high-end entertainment venue have also been circulating alongside images of the contract, pictured above.

According to a Procuratorate Daily report, 95% of corrupt officials have mistresses. Former railway ministry deputy chief engineer Zhang Shuguang’s mistress, Luo Fei, went on trial earlier this month for hiding her lover’s ill-gotten gains, while Kunming’s railway bureau chief Wen Qingliang’s mistress, Zhong Hua, will also stand trial for accepting bribes.


A version of this post first appeared in the China Compliance Digest.

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