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China Corruption Blotter (August 23, 2013)

A legal representative of Beijing Shengtai Huayang New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd, Hu Fujian, was sentenced to two years in prison for paying $489,836 in bribes to Zhao Zhonghe, deputy general manager of state-owned Beijing Yuyang Tourism Group, in exchange for construction contracts. Hu’s wife Jiao Guimei was sentenced to a year and five months for bribery and Zhao received a ten-year sentence.

Yang Hanzhong, deputy secretary of the party’s Political & Legal Committee in Inner Mongolia, has been charged for bribery and abuse of power. Yang was accused of accepting nearly $7 million in bribes from real estate developers and contractors seeking government projects. One of the alleged bribe-givers was identified as Hinggan League Hongdu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Deputy general manager of state-owned Wenzhou (Zhejiang Province) Radio and Television Media Group, Jiang Qinghan, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for taking bribes of $251,698 from several IT companies seeking government procurement contracts. Bribe-givers identified by procurators included Hangzhou Xizi Optoelectronics Network Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Dongyan Broadband Science & Technology Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Guanglian Information Internet Co., Ltd.

Yan Limin, former general manager of Alibaba’s group-buying site Juhuasuan, was given a seven-year sentence for accepting bribes worth more than $87,881 from Hangzhou Dianchuang Technology Co., Ltd in 2011. Yan was removed from his position last March for gross misconduct. Four former Juhuasuan employees, namely Chai Sen, Kong Beichuang, Lin Xiandou and Baizhen, all received imprisonment of up to five and a half years for accepting bribes from e-stores owners.

Han Guoxiang, former deputy team leader of National Afforestation Commission office Comprehensive Team, was sentenced to 20 years for accepting $1.7 million bribes from local landscape and forestry bureaus in a nationwide competition of model gardening cities. Han established three companies with another partner to solicit and embezzle sponsorships from local government departments awarded as model gardening cities. Han’s partner Li Li was sentenced to 13 years for embezzlement.

Former deputy head of Licang district in Shandong’s Qingdao city, Zhao Jinbao, was given a life sentence for taking bribes worth $2.1 million from private enterprises and individuals in exchange for favors in construction project, land distribution and job promotions.


Hui Zhi is a Senior China Analyst with ethiXbase and the China Compliance Digest.

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