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They even make ‘Ugly Americans’ look good

. . . Chinese tourists have usurped Americans as the tourists everyone complains about—in Paris there’s reportedly a Chinese language-only order that warns people not to defecate or urinate on the museum grounds and a hotel opening up that says Chinese tourists are not welcome; in Singapore, Chinese tourists are chastised for talking too loud; in Chiang Mai, Thailand buddhist monks have a hard time explaining rules to them; in Egypt there was the Chinese tourist who carved his name into the Luxor temple; and in China itself there are stories of zoo-goers abusing animals. You get the picture: There are many complaints about Chinese tourists all over the world. But those complaints are leavened by all of the money Chinese tourists spend.

From ‘North Korea Would Prefer If You (and Chinese Tourists) Don’t Feed or Pet the Children’ by Alexander Abad-Santos on the Atlantic Wire.

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