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China Corruption Blotter (June 14, 2013)

Peng Yaohua, former Huangshi (Hubei Province) deputy secretary-general, was sentenced to eight years for taking up to $139,544 in bribes and embezzled funds. Peng reportedly colluded with more than ten developers including Hubei Tonghui Investment Co. Ltd., Meidao Ruisheng Property Co. Ltd., and Huangshi Wenxin Property Company. His mistress, surnamed Dong, was sentenced to ten and a half years for profiting from Peng’s corruption.

Li Yuntian, former water resources director in the Nanhai district of Foshan (Guangdong), was sentenced to 15 years for embezzling public funds and taking bribes totaling over $1.46 million. The court offered Li leniency for his voluntary confession of crimes. However, the local procuratorate is appealing the ruling, claiming Li never freely confessed, and doesn’t deserve leniency. The date of Li’s second trial has not been announced.

After months of investigation, Hefei (Anhui Province) Party committee announced Fang Guangyun, former Party secretary of Zhanbei Community in Hefei’s Xinzhan District, seized 19 resettlement houses for his family and assisted others to seize more than 70 houses. In late 2012, 12 locals alleged Fang had illegally acquired more than 100 resettlement houses. Fang, awaiting trial on bail now, was reportedly sacked in 2005 but never abandoned his post. He was sacked again in 2011.

Xu Runlong, deputy transportation chief of Jiangxi Province, was placed under investigation for violating Party rules. Details of the charges against Xu have not yet been released. Sources told the media Xu helped a contractor win a highway project bid in exchange for bribes. Xu was in charge of transportation infrastructure before being probed.

He Zhenjie, a police officer in the Liwan district of Guangzhou (Guangdong Province), was tried for aiding local gambling houses in exchange for bribes totalling $29,742. He also reportedly would trade information with gambling ringleaders.

Hu Meirong, former cashier of Fuzhou (Fujian Province) Highway Bureau’s Fuqing branch, was tried for misappropriating $246,954 in public funds. Hu reportedly stole the money to pay debts accrued from online gambling and attempted to conceal the missing cash with fake bank statements. He surrendered to local procuratorates after the branch’s accountant compared Hu’s handiwork to the real statements.

Former deputy head of Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture (Yunnan Province) He Xinmin was arrested for taking $334,832 in bribes. Upon taking office in February 2012, she was in charge of education, culture, public health, food and drug safety, and tourism in the region.


Hui Zhi is a Senior China Analyst with ethiXbase and the China Compliance Digest.

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