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China Corruption Blotter (June 7, 2013)

Ni Fake, former vice governor of Anhui Province, has been placed under investigation. Before being sacked in January this year, Ni was in charge of land, housing, and urban construction in the province. Ni reportedly granted mining permission and cash rewards to Dachang Mineral Group in exchange for bribes.

Wang Rongze, chairman of Shaanxi Yulin Energy Group Co. Ltd., has been placed under investigation for unspecified violations of Party rules. Shaanxi Yulin consists of six firms, including Yushen Coal, which Wang headed before being appointed chief of the entire group in October 2012. Liu Shinan, general manager of Yushen Coal’s subsidiary Galaxy Shaanxi Coal Development Limited Company, was detained for investigation last month. 

Sun Hongjun, former police chief of Xiaxian County (Shanxi Province), is under investigation for economic crimes including helping his wife Zhang Yan obtain a second residence permit (hukou). Netizens dubbed Zhang “house daughter-in-law” after she was placed under investigation in January. Sun’s father Sun Taiping, former head of Yuncheng’s finance bureau, has been accused by netizens of owning 11 houses across the country.

Dai Xingshu, deputy director of Chengdong police station at Shaoyang (Hunan Province), has been dismissed from office for power abuse. According to online allegations, Dai fabricated a prostitution case against a woman by appointing a man to sleep with her and taking photos of the encounter. Dai allegedly fined the woman thousands of yuan for prostitution but returned the money after she reported him to higher-ups. Dai is accused of paying her an additional $813 in hush money.

Feng Xiaoli, former assistant to the mayor of Xiangtan (Hunan Province), was tried on graft and corruption charges. Feng allegedly embezzled $65,044 in public funds by inflating construction costs of a local textile factory, and took $71,548 in bribes in allocating construction projects linked to the textile factory.

Shenzhen (Guangdong Province) Yantian District Work Safety Administration director Jiang Weiqian has been demoted to sub-district office researcher after authorities found Jiang illegally distributed money to employees, organized sightseeing tours in the name of field study, and allocated a work safety project to Anhuitong Safety Management Science and Technology Co. Ltd. in violation of bidding rules.


Hui Zhi is a Senior China Analyst with ethiXbase and the China Compliance Digest.

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