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China Corruption Blotter (June 3, 2013)

Li Chaomei, an officer in the Qingzhou (Shandong Province) detention center for suspects awaiting trial, was fingered by a whistleblower for persuading a female detainee to sleep with him in 2010. Li allegedly convinced the woman that she could secure her release by falling pregnant. Local police offered her family $16,254 to cover up the scandal, media reports said.

Luo Xiaojie, a former researcher in the General Affairs Division of Market Supervision Department under Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, was sentenced to ten and a half years for taking $73,291 in bribes from a Chongqing agent to upgrade bidding qualifications for several construction companies.

Lu Rongyou, former secretary of Political and Legal Committee in Lujiang County (Anhui Province), was tried for taking $607,660 in bribes. Lu’s alleged bribe-givers included former Lujiang deputy Party secretary Wang Dunrong and local companies Zhongxing Building & Installation Co. Ltd., Lubei Grain & Oil Co. Ltd, Sanfu Clothing Plaza, and Shanghai Jingchun Gardening Co. Ltd.

Xie Dawei, former deputy president of Hangzhou Normal University (Zhejiang Province), was tried for taking $479,497 in bribes from several construction and engineering companies seeking contracts with the university.

Duan Yizhong, a former inspector in Guangxi Province’s Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, was sentenced to ten years for taking $175,759 in bribes. The probe into Duan was triggered by a series of explicit photos featuring him and a mistress that were posted online in January 2012.

Shao Minghua, former director of Work Safety Administration in Lianshui County (Jiangsu Province), is on trial for amassing $42,260 in bribes and embezzled funds. According to prosecutors, between 2008 and 2012 Shao illicitly aided local enterprises, among them Lianshui Fireworks Company and  several chemical plants facing fines for work safety incidents.

Zhang Yongbin, former transportation director of Wengyuan County (Guangdong Province), received a five-year sentence after freely confessing to authorities he accepted $65,004 from a local construction company. Zhang reportedly gave himself up after the company became enmeshed in a corruption scandal.


Hui Zhi is a Senior China Analyst with ethiXbase and the China Compliance Digest.

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