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Global Contagion Report: Taipei Gateway International Development

Country: Taiwan

Company Involved: Taipei Gateway International Development

Industry: Financials

Industry Subsector: Real Estate Holding & Development

Officials Involved: Lai Su-ju, Taipei city councilor; Jia Er-ching, former Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) official; Chiu Da-chan, Taipei finance commissioner; Lin Hsun-chieh, DORTS joint development division chief

Enforcement Action: Investigation

Summary: Investigators are probing allegations that Lai Su-ju solicited bribes of NT$4 million (US $134,000) from a middleman in exchange for advancing a proposal to grant advantages to private landowners.… Continue Reading

Sands says internal controls now fixed

Las Vegas Sands Corp. said Friday that an internal investigation by its Audit Committee found ‘likely violations of the books and records and internal controls provisions of the FCPA.’ But after improvements, the company’s internal controls now have no ‘material weakness.’… Continue Reading

‘Discard the myth that corruption isn’t a crime’

Afra Raymond is an anti-corruption activist from Trinidad and Tobago.

The Caribbean country amassed huge wealth in the 1970s thanks to oil production, he says. But that brought rampant graft — two out of every three dollars earmarked for development has been wasted or stolen, he says.… Continue Reading

Bourke’s last stand?

A federal appellate court Tuesday denied Frederic Bourke’s request to rehear an appeal of his 2009 FCPA conspiracy conviction.

Bourke has been ordered to begin serving his one-year prison sentence by Friday (May 10).… Continue Reading

China Corruption Blotter (May 10, 2013)

In Zhangzhou (Fujian Province), Lin Yuhong and Wu Jinrong were arrested for allegedly selling 40 tons of diseased pig corpses to meat processing plants in other provinces, reaping more than $486,510 in the process.… Continue Reading

ADM reserves $25 million for settlement

Commodities giant Archer Daniels-Midland Company said this week it has reserved $25 million for a potential FCPA settlement with the DOJ and SEC.

The focus of its investigation that started in 2008 and just ended was the handling of grain and feed exports, ADM said.… Continue Reading

Sat Nav for your compliance program

Modern compliance solutions are about actionable information. Like an in-vehicle GPS, they’re incomparably more powerful than a fold out map.

With GPS, you input a single data point — where you want to go — and the system gives you the information you need to know, exactly when you need to know it.… Continue Reading

Job: Assistant Director of Ethics and Compliance

Job Title: Assistant Director of Ethics and Compliance

Company: Cambia Health Solutions

Locations: Seattle, WA; Salt Lake City, UT; Portland, OR

Job Scope: The Assistant Director of Ethics and Compliance will have responsibility for assisting with, directing and managing the development, implementation and administration of the corporate ethics and compliance program.… Continue Reading

MTS does show and tell with the feds

MTS Systems Corporation said it has investigated possible violations of the FCPA and in January ‘presented the results of its investigation and its corrective actions to representatives of the Department of Justice and the SEC.’… Continue Reading

Global Contagion Report: Western PA Child Care

Country: United States

Companies Involved: PA Child Care, Western PA Child Care

Industry: Consumer Services

Industry Subsector: Specialized Consumer Services

Officials Involved: Mark Ciavarella Jr., (pictured right) former Luzerne County judge; Michael Conahan, former Luzerne County judge

Enforcement Action: Sentencing

Summary: Mark Ciavarella Jr.… Continue Reading