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China Corruption Blotter (May 3, 2013)

He Shaoliang, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of Yangchun City (Guangdong Province), was sacked and stripped of his posts as authorities launched a probe into rape allegations against him. The alleged victim claims she fell pregnant after He raped her in 1994. The victim later sued He for child support, and filed a complaint to local disciplinary authorities. He and his accuser reportedly reached an out-of-court settlement whereby He agreed to pay university tuition for his alleged son.

Ren Mingxin, former Miyun County office director of Beijing Land Consolidation and Reserve Centre, stood trial for taking over $649,840 in bribes from real estate developers. According to procurators, Ren accepted $660,348 from Beijing Huolu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and $1,318 from Beijing Hengxin Hongkun Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. to help them win projects.

Bu Xuegui, former Party secretary of Shahe Township (Anhui Province), was sentenced to fourteen and a half years for embezzlement, corruption, and abuse of power. Bu was charged with accepting $157,215 in bribes and misappropriating $6,463 in dam construction funds. In addition, prosecutors said Bu violated public tender rules to manipulate land distribution, causing the state to lose $149,850.

Disciplinary officials in Guangdong Province are reportedly probing Li Zhujiang, deputy secretary-general of Guangdong People’s Congress Standing Committee. According to unconfirmed sources, Li, formerly director of the provincial Bureau of Ocean and Fisheries, was connected to the corruption scandal surrounding “Sea Palace”—an illegal luxury villa located in Shenzhen Dongshanwan Bay that was demolished in 2011.

Authorities in Ankang City (Shaanxi Province) dismissed Guo Delin as Party secretary of Baihe County, and appointed him director of the city’s Public Health Bureau. In January 2013, an online whistleblower accused Guo of driving a luxury car worth more than $161,590, which government sources later said was borrowed from a private company. At the time, Guo received a Party warning, but Ankang officials made no connection between the incident and his being transferred.

Wan Dongsheng, former chairman of Pingchuan District Hongda Coal Mine in Baiyin city (Gansu Province), was convicted of paying bribes but won exemption from criminal punishment by confessing to the crime. Wan admitted to paying the director of the local Work Safety Bureau and a procurator $3,232 each to cover up a mining accident. Wan is well-known for his philanthropic activities in the region.


Hui Zhi is a Senior China Analyst with ethiXbase and the China Compliance Digest.

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