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Yunnan official’s airport tantrum goes viral

The Chinese internet’s latest exemplar of official arrogance run amok is Yan Linkun, a committee member of Shizong County (Qujing City, Yunnan Province) Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

On February 19, Yan and his family reportedly arrived late for a flight out of Kunming Changhui International Airport. Denied boarding due to the gate being already closed, he tried to wheedle his way onto the plane. When that failed, he flew into a rage, smashing airline workers’ computers and hammering at the door to the gate.

Yan ended his meltdown by addressing the crowd that had gathered — including several security guards standing stock-still — as his wife tore up her ticket.

Surveillance-camera footage of Yan’s tantrum was posted online and quickly went viral.

Netizens referred to Yan as yet another official trying to use his power to gain special treatment by throwing his weight around.

In addition to serving on the CPPCC, a top-level advisory body, Yan is co-owner of Shizong County Changqing Coal Mine.

After the footage of Yan’s rampage was posted online, he was suspended from his post pending further investigation.

Source: Yunnan Net (云南网)


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  1. They are not going to let him on any flight from that company anytime soon after that outburst are they!

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