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DOJ seeks consistency in CCI sentences

Here’s a note from contributing editor Marc Alain Bohn about our post yesterday, discussing the DOJ’s recommendation that three CCI executives be sentenced to probation and not jail time.

Marc is the co-author (with Karen Polk) of the popular FCPA Docket, available here.

Dear FCPA Blog,
The Government’s sentencing motion includes some interesting quotes on why despite the hefty sentences (60 months for Covino and Morlock; 30-37 months for Ricotti), it is recommending only probation:
For Covino and Morlock: “Having pleaded guilty and accepted responsibility at such an early stage, it is only fair that the defendant do no worse than the defendants who resisted the government’s case for three years and only struck deals on the eve (or near the eve) of trial.”
For Ricotti: “[D]efendant has already served nearly 11 months in federal custody, a custody component that would exceed a “split sentence” of six months, and be roughly equivalent to a sentence of 12 months and one day with good-time credit. As a result, the government recommends, consistent with its obligations in defendant’s plea agreement… that the Court impose a sentence of time-served.”


The case is assigned to Judge James V. Selna.

Sentencing for Mario Covino, Richard Morlok, and Flavio Ricotti is set for March 18.

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