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China Corruption Blotter (February 8, 2013)

According to online reports, Shenzhen’s Baoan District Justice Bureau used public funds to purchase more than 20 Samsung Galaxy Note II cellphones for staff members. The bureau claimed they were ordered to purchase the phones for work purposes, but the Shenzhen Justice Bureau denied issuing such instructions.

Lu Yingming, deputy director of Guangdong Province’s land and resources department, has been expelled from the Communist Party for corruption and abuse of power, according to reports quoting sources from provincial disciplinary officials. A proposal to dismiss Lu from public service is under consideration. Lu’s case is now awaiting judicial proceedings.

Three officials in Hunan Province were reportedly arrested for attempting to blackmail Mayang County Party secretary Hu Jiawu. Hu told local police the three alleged blackmailers — Mayang Luxikou Township police station chief Liu Yang, Mayang Party committee office staff Li Yi, and clerk of Mayang People’s Court Yang Fan — claimed to have video footage of Hu accepting bribes. Huaihua City Commission for Discipline Inspection Publicity and Education Office chief Xiang Yuanrong told the media if the footage was genuine, Hu would not have reported the incident to police.

Yunfu City (Guangding Province) vice mayor Feng Xiangyong was expelled from the Party and stripped of his posts for bribe-taking and indulging a gambling habit.

On trial for corruption involving $1.4 million, former Guangzhou Guangzhong Enterprise Group chairman Xu Yangxian retracted his earlier confession to investigators. Xu now says he neither was corrupt nor misappropriated state-owned assets.

A doctor from a Chongqing hospital identified only as Liu was sentenced to five years for taking bribes and kickbacks amounting to $12,810 from several medical suppliers. Liu is also reportedly a professor at a Chongqing medicial school.

According to Shenzhen Commission for Discipline Inspection, the vice director of Nanlian neighborhood (Shenzhen’s Longgang District) Zhou Weisi has been detained and handed over to local procuratorates. Zhou was placed under investigation last year after an online whistleblower alleged Zhou owned 80 properties and 20 luxury cars. After posting the allegations, whistleblower Zhou Zujie was controversially arrested by Longgang police for “falsifying the amount of registered capital in his company.”


Chua Guan Cheong is a senior journalist with ethiXbase and the China Compliance Digest.

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