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China Corruption Blotter (January 4, 2013)

The director of the Yang’an Town Medical Center in Shandong Leling City was recently sentenced to 11 years in prison for corruption involving $35,900. Zhou Jinhong allegedly accepted kickbacks tied to equipment purchases and illicit gifts during festive seasons, misappropriated departmental funding, and over-claimed on personal reimbursement.

Xinhuang County (Hunan Province) Real Estate Management Bureau director identified as Quan, deputy director Li, and foreman Huang were sentenced to 10 years, 38 months, and 62 months respectively. The three were found guilty of taking bribes from budget housing developers and others to award projects, approvals, and conveniences. They were also found guilty of embezzling public funds for personal use.

Nanzhao County (Henan Province) Hongyang Higher Middle School Party secretary identified as Li, principal Zhang, and vice principal Peng were handed prison terms for soliciting money from parents seeking to enroll their children in the school, embezzling funds from the school, and forging receipts to claim reimbursement for personal purchases.

Tianshui City (Gansu Province) Public Security Bureau deputy director Shi Juping is facing corruption charges after a court rejected his argument that his disputed assets totaling $1.24 million were legitimate “business profits.” Prosecutors alleged that Shi provided conveniences in exchange for bribes and obstructed the course of justice in the process.

Former Qingyuan City (Guangdong Province) Construction Bureau deputy director and Qingcheng District vice mayor Jiang Xiying was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for accepting, and allowing her husband Zhou Guihua to accept, bribes to award construction and development projects. Companies named in the case include Guangzhou Hengsheng Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. and Guangzhou Nanjian Civil Engineering Co. Ltd.

Lanzhou City (Gansu Province) Transportation Bureau director and Party secretary Yan Chenglu maintained his innocence in the face of allegations he took bribes totaling more than $1.6 million. Yan argued that some of the money was loaned to him by friends so he could purchase a flat for his son, and the rest belonged to a cab company that he set up with private investors.

Yang Shenghua, former chairman and general manager of state-owned Wenzhou Urban Construction Development Co. Ltd., was sentenced to 16 years for misappropriating more than $10.2 million in public funds. Yang allegedly took the money through bogus share transfer schemes and capital increases, as well as sham investments in shell companies owned by himself and his ex-wife.


Chua Guan Cheong is a senior journalist with ethiXbase and the China Compliance Digest.

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