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China Corruption Blotter (December 7, 2012)

Wuxi City (Jiangsu Province) Binhu District Party secretary Zhu Weiping was reportedly detained and placed under investigation by the Jiangsu Commission for Discipline Inspection. He allegedly amassed almost $16 million in bribes and embezzled funds, and kept several mistresses.

Bazhong City (Sichuan Province) Land and Resources Bureau deputy director Tan Borong was recently sentenced by to 13 years in prison for taking bribes of more than $444,000 from 16 individuals in exchange for unspecified “conveniences.” The bribe-givers were not named.

Zhang Renming, transportation chief of state-owned Yangquan Coal Industry Co. Ltd., was recently sentenced to life imprisonment and stripped of all political rights for taking bribes and misappropriating company properties. In cahoots with his wife and son, Zhang was said to have amassed wealth amounting to $7.6 million, but the court judged that only $4.36 million was illicit money whose origins could not be traced. His wife Mu was sentenced to a two-year suspended prison term, and his son four years.

Jiangxi Province Tobacco Company Ganzhou branch cashier Ming Xu was recently charged for using forged company stamps and money orders to embezzle $2.5 million. Zeng Taoying, a nurse at Ganzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, was charged for assisting in the corruption.

Four high-level medical workers in Guangdong Province were recently given prison sentences for accepting kickbacks. The four were Huang Xinsheng (sentenced to 5 years 3 months), head of the Cardiology Department Cardiovascular non-invasive examination room under the Cardiac Research Institute (Guangdong Province People’s Hospital); Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College Equipment Division head Lin Yongxiong (5 years); Guangzhou Liwan District People’s Hospital director Lei Haiyan (10 years); and Guangzhou Huadu District Maternal and Child Health Hospital laboratory chief Wen Xiaoling (5 years).


Chua Guan Cheong is a senior journalist with the FCPA Blog membership area and the China Compliance Digest.

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