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What happens after you click ‘send’?

Nothing in the past 50 years has changed the way businesses and individuals communicate more than email, and new technologies are now transforming email into a powerhouse for compliance programs.

The benefits of email are obvious — it’s cheap, fast, easy, and ubiquitous. There are some 1.9 billion daily emails users around the world who send a staggering 29 billion legitimate emails per day. That’s about 20 million emails per second.

But merely sending text is just the beginning of how email can be used in a compliance program.

Newly developed technologies track what happens after you click ‘send.’ You can now see who has successfully received your email, if they’ve opened it and when, what links inside the message they clicked and how many times, if they have forwarded the message, and even where recipients are located.

The applications for compliance are clear. The information available after you click send goes beyond that described in the Morgan Stanley declination, where a contributing factor was diligence in sending a China director, Garth Peterson, at least 35 compliance reminders.

Compliance reminders can be scheduled and automated. Emails can be programmed to be re-sent if they aren’t opened or actioned.

With these new tools, programs can be administered and measured in real time, with incredibly detailed transparency. Company leaders gain access to instant, actionable data about all compliance communications.

The latest email-related technologies are just one way the cloud is poised to help companies build ever more powerful and user-friendly compliance programs.


Harry Cassin is in charge of product development for ethiXbase Pte Ltd. He can be contacted here.

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