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From Nigeria, a note from the Whistleblowers Forum

Dear Readers of the FCPA Blog,

We at the Nigerian Whistle-Blowers Forum (on Facebook) are truly excited about the FCPA’s emergence, and staunch posture against global corruption.

As you know, corruption (especially public sector corruption) is the primary and principal cause of poverty and under-development in Nigeria, and each successive government has failed in mustering the needed political will to strengthen institutions and legislation targeted at fighting corruption.

Our goal at the Nigerian Whistle-Blowers Forum is to utilize the spread and occupational diversity of our Facebook friends and members to share, highlight and discuss instances and issues surrounding public sector corruption in Nigeria, with a view to making group representations to relevant organs of government on identified cases or suggestions, and thus exposing such incidents. For every corrupt practice, the poor, innocent masses are the losers.

However, as you are aware, the problem with corruption is that it is largely done in secrecy, away from probing eyes like the NWBForum, and so requires studious and extensive enquiries to ascertain even a rough sketch of what the ‘deal’ was.

We will be interested in benefiting from your expertise, advice and (any) training that might aid us better in fighting corruption in Nigeria. You may wish to visit our Facebook page at Nigerian Whistle-Blowers Forum for more on our mission and activities.

Thank you,

Chima E. Okafor
[email protected]

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