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For these special things we give thanks . . . .

Every day I wake up and thank God I was born in England — not because of some mistaken patriotism — although I do not deny I am patriotic — but because we continue to have a truly independent judiciary who fearlessly apply the rule of law irrespective of the consequences.

— Bill Waite

I am most thankful for my family and my friends. I am also thankful for being able to make a small contribution in the fight against corruption and for being a part of the FCPA Blog family and the worldwide anti-corruption community.

— Shruti Shah

This Thanksgiving, I’m especially grateful my family and friends in New York City were unharmed by Hurricane Sandy. Also, I’m thankful for my fantastic colleagues at the FCPA Blog and ethiXbase, who help me strive toward excellence every day, mainly by allowing me to take credit for their accomplishments.

— Benjamin Kessler

I’m thankful for the Internet and the FCPA Blog that makes it possible for all of us to be talking to each other. Happy Thanksgiving.

— Michael Scher

To write a note in a sentence or two for things I am thankful for
For family, for friends. for health, for life, for work and so much more
For the moments I have been grateful, but I have had little time to say
The heart felt thank you to those I owe, just passed another day.
Many whose lives have touched my being, with sacrifices great or small
To those who put my interest above theirs, allowing their own plans to stall
For generosity, kindness, love and warmth, which has been extended to me
For enlivening my sojourn on this earth and helping me to see
The bountiful help I have thus received, to get to where I am today
In bountiful measure I have to return, to help others on their way
For those who pray for a helping hand but would never ever ask
Is my prayer for sensitivity to extend a hand, and make it my sincere task
To spread joy, peace and love, especially from those I have come to receive
For it will be returned to me many fold, as I have come to know and believe
That the essence of a fulfilling life. I’ve learnt, is not what I can take
But give and give thanks for God’s abundant blessings, of the life of what I make.

— Dr. Henry Wong Meng Yeong

 This is my first ever Thanksgiving message! I hope that it’s appropriate: A message of goodwill to FCPA Blog readers in the United States and around the globe. May compliance create a fairer world.

— Philip Fitzgerald

While the blunderbuss-and-buckled-hat image of Thanksgiving may at first seem parochial, the message of Thanksgiving translates well abroad: Good friends and family around a table, grateful for another year together and hopeful for the future. No need to issue guidance for that message.

— Russell Stamets

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