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Yoga Guru v. Graft

Photo courtesy of WikipediaIndian TV yoga guru Baba Ramdev ended an anti corruption hunger strike today, blaming India’s rulers and corrupt businessmen for miring the country in poverty.

Ramdev, left, broke his five-day fast with lemon water during his popular TV show, according to this report from the Times of India.

“I am ending the fast in the stadium, but agitation will go on till our demands are met,” Ramdev said while addressing thousands at a stadium in New Delhi.

On Monday, Ramdev was stopped by police after trying to lead anti-corruption protestors to the national parliament building.

He was also detained briefly on Tuesday at the stadium.

Ramdev blames the ruling Congress party for chronic graft. He is also seeking return of so-called ‘black money’ stashed overseas by corrupt politicians.

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1 Comment

  1. Baba RamDev and Anna Hazare are only hope for India. Political parties institutionalized corruption and created an elaborate network of corrupt babidom which is difficult for common people to fathom.
    Corrupt practices eroding the roots of indian democracy. Each and every political party knows opponents Achilles heel and exploite the information to manipulate each and every democratic process in India. Starting fror President election to Panchayet election.common people are befooled in the name of democracy, which is actually a stage managed show.

    Indian democracy now became a WWF Wrestling show.

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