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How Corruption Hurts China

Writing in today’s Wall Street Journal, Minxin Pei, left, a professor at Claremont McKenna College, said the Chinese government has grown softer on corruption since 2000.

About 2,500 communist party cadre are indicted for economic crimes every year, he said.… Continue Reading

Resource Alert: The Sweep Of Enforcement

Hughes Hubbard (a sponsor of the FCPA Blog) continues its tradition of providing an invaluable resource to the compliance community through publication of its FCPA / Anti-Bribery Alert. The latest version for Summer 2012 is now out and available here.… Continue Reading

The Africa Aid Circus

I am one of those Africans who strongly believe that aid achieves very little of its intended objectives and fuels, among others, dependency and corruption. Dependency, of course, is a bad thing as it demotivates governments from developing local capacity.… Continue Reading

Innospec’s Jennings In U.K. Plea Deal

Reuters reported today that Paul Jennings, the former CEO of Innospec’s U.K. operations, pleaded guilty to corruption charges in a London court.

‘Jennings pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to corrupt in relation to bribes paid in both Indonesia and Iraq,’  Reuters said.… Continue Reading

Facilitating Payments (De)mystified (Part I)

I’ve got a five-year-old daughter on a big synonym/antonym/homonym kick. If you don’t like talking about these things, you won’t like talking to her. But I love it, so let me give you a little quiz: in the FCPA context, are ‘ease’ and ‘facility’ antonyms or synonyms?… Continue Reading

HP’s FCPA Disclosure

Palo Alto-based Hewlett Packard Company’s latest Form 10-Q filed with the SEC on June 8 contained this FCPA disclosure:


The German Public Prosecutor’s Office (“German PPO”) has been conducting an investigation into allegations that current and former employees of HP engaged in bribery, embezzlement and tax evasion relating to a transaction between Hewlett-Packard ISE GmbH in Germany, a former subsidiary of HP, and the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation.… Continue Reading

Measuring Ill-Gotten Gains

In the world of international corruption, where deals are made off the books and behind closed doors, it can be difficult to figure out who is paying bribes and how much they are paying.… Continue Reading

TI Report Links European Graft To Debt Woes

A new report released by Transparency International Wednesday linked corruption in Europe with debt problems there. Greece, Spain, and Portugal were named as economies most threatened by graft and debt.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Finn Heinrich, TI’s research director, as saying: ‘The reasons for the [debt] crisis differ from country to country, but countries that are worst hit by the crisis are also those where corruption is most pervasive and where there’s a lack of integrity in the public system.’… Continue Reading