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China Corruption Blotter

Former Beijing Yanqing County Department of Transportation Director Wang Xinliang was sentenced to 17 years in prison by the Beijing Yanqing County People’s Court for taking bribes of 900,000 yuan (US$140,940).… Continue Reading

Suspension & Debarment Part III: Mechanics and Mitigating Factors

Now that we have firmly established that neither suspension nor debarment may be used to “punish” contractors, let’s go over the mechanics of FAR 9.4.

Suspension permits an agency suspension or debarment official (“SDO”) to temporarily exclude a contractor from the procurement system based on “adequate evidence” of a violation of the offenses listed at FAR 9.407-2 (such as bribery).  … Continue Reading

Myanmar: Nowhere To Go But Up

Here’s what the U.S. Commerce Department said about corruption in Myanmar in a 2012 publication called ‘Doing Business in Burma’ (Burma is the old name for the country).

It’s a bleak assessment:


Corruption is endemic in Burma.… Continue Reading

$4 Billion Lost To Corruption In Southern Sudan

Africa’s youngest nation, the Republic of Southern Sudan, has lost more than $4 billion due to public sector corruption.

The country’s first and current president, Salva Kiir, sent a letter to 75  current and former government officials, accusing them of embezzling the money from state coffers.Continue Reading

Nigeria Missing Billions In Public Fuel Funds

Nigeria is struggling to make sense of a report that says high-level officials and business people stole $6.8 billion in public funds intended to subsidize the cost of fuel. At the same time, the lawmaker that spearheaded the report is accused of accepting a bribe from an oil company and is under investigation.… Continue Reading