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The FCPA Database Has A New Name

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1 Comment

  1. Re Walmex:
    Actually I'm worried about the other side of this coin. Per example: The possibilty of a Walmex official receiving bribes from Mexican Officials, i.e. Banco De Mexico. Recently, in the Veracruz sector, Banamex has begun rejecting ALL foriegn credit cards. (I speak only as a Visa card Holder.) All businesses using Banamex to process credit purchases, in the Ve5racruz sector, have the purchases rejected. (Suposedly because of the high rate of fraud———as if fraud does not happen on Mexico issued cards. It seems to be a money centered problem. At Costco's ( Xalapa, Veracruz) where I first encountered this problem, my card was denied at the cash registers (without showing on Visa's master screen) BUT was easily accepted, for any amount at the Banamex ATM—-at amuch higher interest rate.
    Sam's, on the other hand, continued to accept my card, once PER DAY, for a limited amount.
    Whereas, i was accustomed to spend about $3000 pesos per week, that's now my monthly limit. (the cost in gasoline ofsets any probable savings of purchasing at Sam's). $3000 pesos per week is not much; but it is if multiplied by all the Gringos in Mexico.
    Inow have cancelled my membership in Costco and bo longer purchase things at Sanborn's fot that reason.
    Knowing well, how things operate in Mexico, I am concerned that someone in D:F., with walmex is receiving a substancial "kick-back" for remaining with Banamex, indtead of changing to tanyother banc (all of which accept all cards).
    William T. Ghrist, Jr.

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