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Second Mistrial In Africa Sting Prosecution

Judge Richard Leon declared a mistrial today in the prosecution of the three remaining defendants in the second Africa sting trial.

After deliberating ten days, the jury failed to reach a verdict on any counts against siblings John and Jeana Mushriqui, and Marc Morales.… Continue Reading

Reducing C-Level Risk In Compliance Land

The CEOs, CFOs, COOs and Chief Compliance Officers we meet with are well aware of the FCPA and are working to put in place compliance programs to keep their companies on the right side of the law, but they are not terribly concerned about their own personal exposures.… Continue Reading

‘Do I need to quit my job?’

This is a question that many compliance and ethics (C&E) officers have asked themselves when faced with management’s refusal to implement compliance program recommendations. And over the years, quite a few have answered the question in the affirmative (although, for obvious reasons, they are rarely eager to advertise the fact).… Continue Reading

Say It Ain’t So, Monsignor

A top Vatican official was reassigned to a job he didn’t want after he complained about contracts that might have been tainted by corruption.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, left, the former deputy governor of Vatican City, wrote whistleblowing letters last year to Pope Benedict and other Vatican leaders.… Continue Reading

Busting Graft For Profit

Michael Hershman, left, president of The Fairfax Group, helps public and private sector clients integrate core principles of social responsibility into their everyday practices.

In a 2010 talk to law students at Pepperdine University, Hershman described an instructive experience he had at Siemens AG in the late nineties:

They asked me to come in and talk about how they could do business going forward…I met with 20 of their top executives, and I gave what I thought was a rousing lecture for two hours…At the end, I asked for questions.

Continue Reading