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Second Thoughts About The Second Sting Trial

Another group of defendants went on trial this week in federal court in the District of Columbia in the Africa sting case.

Patrick Caldwell, John Mushriqui, Jeana Mushriqui, Stephen Giordanella, John Godsey, and Marc Morales each face one count of conspiracy to violate the FCPA.… Continue Reading

Scholarship That Rocked The Boat

A few years ago, after a dozen or so enterprising law students asked me what FCPA-related topics were ripe for research, I answered with a post on the FCPA Blog.

My suggestions included: (1) respondeat superior—the legal doctrine imputing to corporate employers the criminal acts of employees; (2) the sad state of the Department of Justice’s Opinion Procedure Releases; and (3) the confusing condition of the FCPA’s promotional-expenses affirmative defense.… Continue Reading

Lindsey And Lee Reply to Feds

Lindsey Manufacturing Company, its CEO Keith Lindsey, and CFO Steve K. Lee yesterday filed a reply to the government’s opposition to their motion to dismiss the indictment against them with prejudice due to
repeated and intentional government misconduct.… Continue Reading

In Oman, Exposing Graft Is A Crime

Two newspaper journalists in Oman were sentenced Thursday to five months in prison for reporting alleged government corruption.

Editor Ibrahim al-Mammari and reporter Yousef al-Haj were jailed ‘for insulting the justice minister and his undersecretary by accusing them of deception and fraud in a recent article,’ Reuters said.… Continue Reading

Bon Anniversaire, Guys

The Wall Street Journal’s Corruption Currents just turned one. It celebrated with a post about the top five corruption convictions of the past twelve months.

Two entries have FCPA ties.Continue Reading

Judge Questions DOJ’s Move In Naaman Case

In the run up to Ousama Naaman’s status hearing on October 19, there’s plenty going on.

In July, the former Innospec agent who pleaded guilty to an FCPA conspiracy count, said he had new classified evidence for the court to consider before sentencing him.… Continue Reading

Brazilians Take To The Streets

Anti-corruption protests involving thousands of demonstrators broke out this week in Rio de Janeiro.

People there are waving brooms to show they want to clean up graft.

‘The demonstrators brought to the protest 594 brooms painted green and yellow,’ according to Fox News, ‘the colors of the national flag, which represent every one of the country’s 81 senators and 513 lower house members.’… Continue Reading